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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now at 10:00 america welcomed a new president. >> we're transferring power from washington d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. >> as america's two major political parties united to
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democracy protesters gather todd exercise their right and demonstrators caused quite a scene in d.c. streets. live team coverage right now on "fox5"news at 10♪ i lived a life that's full♪ >> president donald trump and first lady melania shareing a dance to the song "my way" just a few minutes ago at the liberty ball their family and mike pence and his wife carp joined them on stage towards the end of the song. >> thank you for joining us tonight i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> president donald trump is already getting work. tonight he signed executive order that specifically addresses the affordable care act. former president bow bama signature healthcare law. the executive order tells federal agency
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federal agencies to "exercise all authority and discretion available to them to waive, defer, grant exemptions from or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of the account" while on the campaign trail, president trump planned to address the affordable care act on his first day in office. >> also developing tonight vice-president pennsylvania and trump other cabinet picks are still awaiting senate confirmation. we have live team coverage tonight. today's events beginning with "fox5" sarah simmons. >> it was a whirl wind after i day. the flurry of activity started with first inaugural day event at st. john's episcopal church. president trump headed to st. john's for a closed prayer service. the church sits across from the white house and has a long histor
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presidents since james madison, every president has worshiped there at some point during their time in the oval office. after the private service president obama and first lady michelle welcomed the trumps to the white house. the obama's hosted the trumps for tea. they exchanged pleasantryes and melania trump presenting the outgoing first family with a gift before headed inside. and the trump and obamas road he together to the capitol building for inauguration ceremony. you can see the motorcade headed that way and it started with swearing in of mike pence. he took the both of office delivered by clarence thomas on capitol hill. >> and will to the best of my ability. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the
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united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> then the moment where donald trump becomes pretz trump. he was sworn in as 45 president reminiscent of his speech on the campaign trail promising to stir new national pride and protect them from the ravages of countries that have stolen u.s. jobs and issued global warning saying from this day forward a new vision will govern our land and from this moment on it will be america first. then hours after the swearing in president trump putting pen to paper signing formal nominations for each cabinet pick including legislation clearing way for defense secretary pick retired marine general games mattis and his signature was need odd to approve this one time exception to the law that requires military officer to be out of uniform for at least seven years before leaving pentagon. then it was off to lunch with members of
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national at statue arie hall. it's a big gathered 200 elected officials and dig tarryes and during the remarks at the inaugural luncheon he gave special recognition for the clintons for attending inauguration and looked forward to working with congress to confirm cabinet picks. after lunch to take in pump and pageantry of inaugural parade this year it went by the trump international hotel, fitting. the newly sworn in president and first lady walking on the parade route as many presidential family have done in the past. and thousands gathered along the par raid route to catch a glimpse of the new first family and security was tight and they made their way to the reviewing stand where the trump family watched the parade held in their honor. that's just day one. there's plenty of inaugural festivities going on throughout the city as well. come, monday, we'll watch president trump lead the country forward, shawn. >> i'm tired listening to all that. >> my ic
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talking about it. >> thank you thank thank you, sarah. >> now we have six living u.s. presidents. jimmy carter, bill clinton, george w. bush and barack obama were at today's ceremony. notably absent george h.w. bush who announced early on he could not travel because of health reasons he and his biv barbara bush are are still recovering in a texas hospital. >> the last time we had six living presidents was between 2001 and 2004 when ronald reagan and ford were alive during jrj w. bush presidency. >> hillary clinton was among the dignitaries at today's inauguration and attended the inaugural lunch with husband former president bill clin tonight. as you heard sarah say the former secretary of state received a standing ovation during the luncheon and he paid tribute to the clintons during his speech. earlier secretary clinton tweeted i'm here today to honor our democracy and its enduring values i will
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believing in our country and its future. >> unrest across the district is continuing into the evening hours as police monitor the situation. the protests escalated moments after president donald trump was sworn in. "fox5" tisha lewis joins us live from northwest with the latest, tisha. >> and tony, those protesters are still he protesting tonight. in fact, the latest information we got is that they're a few blocks away from where we're stand sog that could describe all the commotion that you see and the gridlock that exhibit in this area surrounding the verizon center. the last information we received was they were protesting near the verizon center and all of this comes on the heels of what's been a very active day for protesters. and more than 200 protesters were arrested and we're also told that six police officers were injured amid these protests that up includes three police officers that suffered head injuries and three more police officers who had injuries to lower body whys and thankfully eveon
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to be okay. we're told of the 200 plus protesters who were arrested, all of them were charged with rioting here is why. we want to take you to some of the sights and sounds from today and again, these are just a few of the images that have stuck with us. starbucks, actually vandalized and again vandals not really at this point they crossed the line out of being aa protester and become a vandal again dressed in black smashing windows of starbucks store. this video was captured on a cellphone capturing violence literally as it unfolded and also protesters again clashing with police. a lot of these incidents happened at 13 and k. what is really become the epicenter of where a lot of the unrest unfolded and again, protesters smashing windows of nearby
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also, throwing newspapers and boxes and trash cans and really causing destruction lighting them on fire and in the middle of the street we saw cars and also begun a limo that was set on fire and franklin square again this happening near 1 and k street area. we were out there tonight and what we saw out there was really a police line and we're seeing begun a heavy police presence and that when we spoke with interim police chief peter newsham we can expect to see that in the overnight hours. take a listen to what the mayor and police chief had to say. >> unfortunately a small group of people have engaged in vandalism as well as violence against our law enforcement officers. this type of destruction and this type of violence against people i
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not be tolerate the. >> we were prepared move in, in the event folks broke the law hopefully we sent them a message hey, listen if you come to washington d.c. and break the law we will take you into custody as safely and respectfully as we can. >> reporter: and police turning to federal authorities for help. that's the latest out here, tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> we'll take you live and take you to president donald trump speaking life from one of the three balls. this is the freedom ball sfwlt border, we'll have a border again. and he was approved tonight by the senate. so we're starting to work and we're going to do a great job. we're not going to let you down. remember the theme, make america great again and make america great again i'll till what, i've added since i got know so many people
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country, greater than ever before. it will happen. so, i want to thank everybody for being with us and for sticking with us and it's been amazing experience and now, the fun begins okay? and now the fun begins. we'll do a really good job and i will be fighting every single day for you. thank you, everybody. thank you and have a great time. thank you. >> that's president donald trump speaking at the freedom ball i think this is the second of three balls that he's attending tonight. yeah. with his wife melania trump there. and, of course, they will dance. >> they'll dot customary first dance. the last ball we saw them dance to "my way" let's hear if it's the same song that ball♪ ♪
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our special coverage continues. a live look again inside freedom ball where the president and first lady are taking their traditional first dance. we'll be rights back.
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>> make america great again that's what he used on the campaign trail and signature red make america great again. brody logan join us now with his perspective and more from the people he talked to today, brody. >> reporter: shawn, yeah, a ball cap can symbolize a lot of
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fans and shows pride in team or school and but for these supporters here today a simple red hat with four white words means so much more. make america great again and they were all over the national mall today. i saw these hats in beanie form and red cap various colors, cam owe, blue, gold and for each one of them make america great again meant something different. >> it means putting people 1st and putting america first and staying out of other country's business and not you know getting rid of the cument government that is all about themselves and political correctness of not saying what is on your mind rather than what people want you to say. >> biggest thing is having president to lead other country
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come on with you traditionally. >> what do you mean by that i'm curious just let me ask you when you say more in common with you and he's a billionaire. not many people are billionaires. that's what i'm curious about more come on philosophically. >> i think socially he's average joe. >> reporter: okay. >> he's 'blue collar' ed billionaire. >> reporter: yes, 'blue collar' billionaire a oxymoronic term it was not just supporters wearing hats here. there were hillary clinton supporters and they wanted to show their press presence here and make their presence known i caught up with a few that got emotional over a dal
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it's so sad to me if anything i hope fem wake up and they wake up and see what's happening and that they have to be a voice and everybody needs to be heard. >> she mentioned people need to be a voice and that was something i heard on both sides of the aisle today. one thing i think everyone whether you supported president trump and during the election or didn't is that the voice of the populous of the electorate was heard whether you agree with it or not i talked to one man that said i had no idea i had no thought he could win and i volted for him an i like knowing my vote matters and counts. so shawn, sony the votes of the people matter whether on a ballot box or hat. >> all right. brody logan reporting from
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national mall. thank you, broad question we appreciate it. >> temperatures hovered near 50 today and it's going to be a lot warmer tomorrow i didn't know that. i didn't have a chance to hear a forecast tell me all about it. >> funny you should ask i have the weekend forecast cued up. >> it's as if you're in my head. get out. let's go. temperatures are out there. right now it's only 47 now and it's a couple degrees off the high. we have 30s in the suburbs and winchester 6 and fredericksburg is 48 right now temperatures drop more over night tonight and rebound nicely for tomorrow. we had the rain look it was spit of rain officially for nationals and they had 1/100 of inch of rain taken was nothing more than sprichinglees that came out more to the west
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that's eat and we have clouds now and watching another system future cast tomorrow morning i think we have a lot of clouds tomorrow and sunny breaks and not much. little fog possible overnight tonight. bringsle tomorrow too. all rain stays south of us. few showers possible tomorrow night most looks south of us and we get to now sunday afternoon the rain in the deep south is coming around monday. wet for sure. specifics on the weekend there's 5 top tone and 56 sunday with afternoon showers. i'll show you 7 day forecast in a few minute and that will have warmer temperatures. >> what? >> i'm real excited gary we love you today. >> doesn't take much. >> thanks gary. >> we're hours away from massive protest in d.c. >> more than 200,000 are expected to attend the march on washington. everything you need to know if
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celebrities that say they'll be there next. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> the d.c. march on washington is supposed to be 7 hours. reasoncy, >> reporter: shawn and tony the area around the capitol is quiet tonight. we're still seeing road closures and nobody is out on the streets going to be a much different scene tomorrow morning women's march rally is set to start 10:00 they'll be speeches and musical act an actual march will begin at 1:15 that's set to go until 5:00 it's a long day for all participants want it give you few more important numbers about
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crowd of quarter million people, 100 charter buses registered to park if city and there are about 600 similar marches happening across the nation and internationally. women will march on all seven continents. d.c. will be biggest one and metro opens early 5 a.m. to accommodate the crowds i spoke to a woman who came in to work for this and for single mothers and people are protesting a trump presidency this march will not change election result. this is what she had to say about what she hopes this march will achieve. >> tomorrow, we're coming together he sea of women coming together in a harmonious non violent way and hoping that by showing that there's so many of us so many americans of every different hugh and every different culture
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ever class and age and women marching who are old and young kids involved and trump administration would just pause and take a quick action they would pause and consider what do the american people want and so i hope and before they start to dismantle the policies so important to so many families that they think about how can we have a replacement for it. >> we are expecting to see a lot of famous faces in the crowd tomorrow. katy perry and america ferera and scarlet johann sent. this is not a march just for women. there will be plenty of men out there as well. earlier i spoke to jesse jackson in town for this and i showed him video of the violent protests that we saw today replace kourdness with courage and having said that
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some burden of those that create the crisis to resolve it and we embrace non violent demonstrations. and i hope we will hear the pain that's beneath these protests. >> and because of security reasons just another note for you and if you go to the march you can bring small bags, no back packs unless they're clear and more details on the web site, reporting live lindsay watts, "fox5 local news". >> all right, "fox5" will bring you live team coverage from the women's march tomorrow. share your pictures and video with us and use #"fox5" march. >> well as you saw earl your a number of folks are in town protesting or opposing the presidency of donald trump. >> later in the show fox news enforcement officer discussed safety and today's event.
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>> this was inauguration day unlike any i can recall seeing. some demonstrators vapd liesed businesses and cars and other property. how police responded an how the day went is fox news law enforce. contributor rob wheeler. thanks for being here today. you were on the mall this afternoon. first let me preface this by saying it's easy after the fact to look, analyze and say maybe they should have done this or that and i want to talk to you first overall about how you think things played out today down town with the protesters. >> excellent question, tope, when you look at the larger scheme of things that occurred on the mall it turned out well but we have a few dust tops squirmishs upsetting the apple
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it's important for viewers to understand d.c. is protester friendly environment what do i mean by that? people may say what do you mean by that. here's what i mean by that. our police department in d.c. are hands off. we encourage people to come here if you want, this is nation's capitol. you can express your feelings and opinions we don't mind that. we'll protect you. this is democracy here. we want to make sure we protect everyone's rights. where the problem comes in is where you start busting out glass at the starbucks 12 and k we cannot allow that as i police department. maybe people can get away with that in other cities but our nation's capitol our police department here will not allow that. >> we don't typically see that. we see protests here all the time. >> all the time. >> so seeing what you saw today and the busting out of windows and all that kind of thing does that indicate to you that these were outside agitators as they're sometimes called or what? >> i think so.
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over 200 individuals were arrested today. begun i was there on the mall when all this was taking place. from my perspective it did not appear these individuals came from district of columbia. they came from other locations. and maybe that's why they did what they did they figured urd they could get away with it they're not used to the fact we as a police department are used to dealing with these situations and you know what when you look closely at the video of what took place today with the glass breaking out and things like that it was d.c. police department that really clamped down on that pretty quickly. why? because we're used to dealing with that. we train and we prepare for that. and each and every day. >> and that's another thing i wanted to does you about because again people start talking right away they should have done this and that and i was hearing this this afternoon and people were saying wow, why did the police not clamp down on them earlier before they got violent. would that speak to this being protester friendly environment.
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you you know, tony, as well as i do you've been here a long time i've been here a long time we have protests in the district of columbia almost every week somebody is protesting something you know what i mean. >> absolutely. >> we are prepared and we're trained to allow people to protest. this is the nation's capitol. we have people that live here this is our home. it's not just government we have people every day folks here and we have to make sure we keep our city safe and we allow people to come in here and we allow people to protest and tear our city up you cannot do that in the district of columbia. maybe you can do that somewhere else but our d.c. police department under leadership of peter newsham doing a tremendous job, we can't let that happen. >> violence is violence it's not a good thing people were hurt today minor injuries
10:35 pm
police officers we were getting reports from 12th street and 13th and i, l, were these isolated incidents or one group going through and wreaking hatch of course wherever they went. >> i don't think it was isolated incidents i think it was staged event by some of these protesters and our intelligence meaning law enforcement our intelligence told us there were going to be organized groups of protesters coming to the disstripingt to disrupt the inauguration. we're already knew that we prepared tore that. and i think the individuals today decided they wanted to cause these dust ups they set up to cause that destruction and we were prepared for it and we locked it down and clamped down quickly. >> look ago head tonight i heard people say boy i hope tomorrow is okay. there's a big protest i get a sense that is one big organized non violent prote o
10:36 pm
do you and problems tomorrow. >> we never and we hope there's no problems. but we're prepared for it if it does occur. tomorrow's event they say will be larger than today's events. more people will be down there. and we have over 28,000 believe it or not law enforcement officers in the city this weekend from all around the country. and we have the support of the national guard. so we're a very well prepared to respond and deal with any situations. but, hopefully, people will come like i said earlier tony we want foam come here and this is your nation's capitol we want you to voice your opinion but we don't want you to break the glass in and out starbucks and burn cars. >> you can't do that in d.c. >> not just starbucks. >> i'm saying starbucks because of the video earlier. >> that's right. >> you cannot do nat d.c. you can do it somewhere else but not in the disstrict of columbia. >> stay with us more coverage of today's events in a bit
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>> hear these words you will never be ignored again. from this day forward a new vision will govern our land. from this day forward it is going to be only america first, america first. >> president trump inauguration speech this morning he echoed many ideas he promised during presidential campaign. associationet tore with the hill is here to break down the speech and talk about other issues we heard during the speech today notably that stood out to me the speech was 17 minutes i heard him use the words we and us insteadof
10:41 pm
is there anything that stood out to you. >> in certain ways it was a dark speech. in some respect it portrayed america struggling and he used phrase american carnage that's not the lang want we usually here in inaugural speeches. >> i notice he did not talk about the media or hillary clinton and he did not talk about obamacare but his first executive action today was to do whatever he could do get rid of obamacare. tell me about that. >> this executive action basically allows a lot of leeway for state of the unions or other stakeholders in the process to say we won't comply with elements of obamacare that cost us money. now that's a very, very wide ranging commitment or condition. it's not totally clear how this tallies with the actual law itself but certainly making moves to repeal obamacare. >> let's listen to one of the sounds bytes today from the speech and we'll talk ab
10:42 pm
the other side. >> for too long a small group in our nation's capitol reepd rewards of government while the people have born the cost. washington flourished but the people did not share in its wealth. politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factoryes closed. the establishment protect todayself. but not the citizens of our country. >> what was the take away from that? i mean you talked earlier that this seemed to be kind of dark. is he talking to congress and talking about draining swamp, what was your take away if that. >> i think part of donald trump's appeal is speaks for the plain people the hard struggling working class people he portrays as kind of laughed at or taken advantage of by the establishment. he
10:43 pm
and presidency itself that way. he was reiterating sglat part of his goal or what we thought he would do today is give a speech unifying do you think he achieved that goal. >> i don't think it was unifying. he talked about all talk no action seemed a bits of a jab at president obama and to some extent hillary clinton and in closing stages he talked more about coming together and let there be no room for prejudice and overall i don't think it's particularly unifying speech. >> he took aim at politicians he's been talking about sdraiping swamp let's listen in. >> we will no longer accept polltations who are all talk and no action constantly complaining but never doing anything about it. >>
10:44 pm
action. >> is he putting republicans on notice and putting democrats in congress on notice here. >> i think to some extent. congress cannot get cold feet. it's this xwrd hi believes he is mandate for radical change and that even if the establishment of either party stands in the way of that he will sweep them aside or at least put pressure on them. >> what do you think is next. we've seen what happened today. do you think what can we take from message he delivered today we saw the executive action. what do you think we're looking forward to next here. >> i think win thing to take away is donald trump is still donald trump there will not be dmaivrping his demeanor what we're looking at next in policy terms could be fax reform and infrastructure spending and you and i have spoken about obamacare that will be a major focus. >> do you think it was ironic. he went after lawmakers and thenou
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brought in to be members of congress. there's two sides here. >> absolutely. goldman sachs is pretty well represented in his cabinet an a lot of very established conservative politicians and so how do those things measure up there's a disconnect there. >> i agree. thanks so much. it's been a long day for you. >> and you. >> not as long as you i don't think. thanks for coming in we appreciate your perspective. thanks for coming in. >> tony back to you. >> thank you very much when we come back a look what the you are saying about inauguration of 45 president of the united states on social media. and we're using #fox sgrn >> from president to federal retiree as power was transferred to president trump friday, former president obama became eligible for government pension. his pay will be mo
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his pay will be more than $207,000 for the upcoming here and investigators were making money on inauguration day. helping the dow move back to positive territory for the year and seen big gaipz across the board since president trump won in november. meantime, drivers are getting a little break at the pump and gas prices dropping a few cents this week and national average for gallon of regular unleaded is $2.33 around 45 cents higher than the same time last year and looking to sell your home or increase its value new report is naming hottest home trends in 2017 and they're quarts as in quarts koyrnt tops and smart home technology like automatic thermostats and built in bars. i'm jer write lewis.
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i'm live at the inaugural ball await ago rifle of our new president donald trump. vice-president mike pence expected to speak here on stage any moment now and introduce our new president and then the president and first lady and vice-president and mrs. pennsylvania will all have their first dance here at this ball honoring military members the crowd here excited and they've been waiting a long time an a lot of ho-has. >> looking forward to it. thank you very much. >> all right. we've about talking about outpouring on social media of course inauguration today was trending all day long. >> let's check in with jim lokay about the tweet and froingts our viewers, shawn, jim. >> we saw different enter
10:51 pm
and some from protests and we saw this earlier today and this struck as unifying message some protesters wanted to bring. you have to draw the line between protesting and vandalizing things out. there you see the pro tester blacks, white, muslims, you see this and it's disgraceful adults need to destroy property and throw tantrums like kids because they didn't win. there's other things there. we keep rolling with tweets. not fond of president-elect we need to give the guy a shot. rick robinson says i celebrate all inaugurals believing they are for the people not politicians and this coming from chris what kind of presidential dog will trumps be getting. >> the cat lobby queue powerful in d.c. you never know. dino came up from lexington to witness history. dino is a member of the military. crystal
10:52 pm
with the sign i don't know if this was at the inaugural sun glasses may tell a different story and we'll show you two more. diana came with two ten agars from illinois to observe this amazing day and from carmen want to skip ahead to 2020 already. there's no shortage ever thoughts. the good news is a lot of people tryinging to share unifying messages and people trying to be funny depending where you fall it may be what you need. that's trending on social media now. let's look at weather. >> thank you, jim. >> gary mcgrady is here. we have a little bit of everything today, misted, rain, cold, but tomorrow. >> yeah it will be warmer but not great. we can see mist and drizzle and more rain before it's all said and done. >> okay. >> okay. >> sunday too we're talking about upper 50s and cle e to
10:53 pm
>> okay that's a positive. >> okay. >> that's right. >> and that's right. okay. here we go. in terms of temperatures out there this morning usually i want to under promise and over deliver and i felt i got a little bit too much over promising and -- >> you're good. >> let's check temperatures out there. >> there's no snow how about that. >> i always try to. >> 49 degrees did you get wet when you were throughout today? just a little bit. >> nothing more. >> no one spit on me. >> 47 that was good an a bonus right 47 dulles and 46 gainersburg and clearing taking place to the west and winchester 3 4 and 43 cumberland. louisville kentucky is 56 and becomely west virginia is 51 and what's this pittsburgh 5 2. there's mild air out there. this will settle in tomorrow for us. so that's why we're talking about not upper 40s but
10:54 pm
stayed in place after the rain moved out from today. again it was not much rain at all. 1/100 of rain at national and that's a sprunkle barely enough to wet the ground. we will get a little clearing in spots overnight tonight and where we do we could settle into fog. down into texas, louisiana, it doesn't look like much. this is the beginning of a fairly potent system that's looking like it will bring us a little bit of rain late in the day on sunday which is a bit of change. earlier we were thinking most of sunday afternoon would be wet but we're backing off that a little bit. we'll get showers sunday afternoon and evening and it does look like sunday night and monday that will be the wettest of the upcoming three days here. 57 tomorrow. it will stay dry for most part and drizzle out there especially first part of day and it will not amount to much and fog, too, where the skies clear just a little bit overnight. high temperatures
10:55 pm
high temperatures tomorrow mild. very much so pov normal. we should be about 43 or so this time of year and running 1 had 4, 15 above that and mild sunday cloudy though we do not see much if any sunshine this weekend and by sunday afternoon into sunday evening there's a chance we will get showers. this is future cast tomorrow cloudy and drizzle and through the day we stay cloudy could be a sunny break here or there and no more than that and saturday evening showers start moving in our direction and could be that by 10, 11:00 tomorrow night we could actually have rain moving through southern tier okay but we wait on sunday now a little shower early in the day and then most of the showers will come in late in the evening. i'm tling you know monday looks very, very wet. we get through the weekend dry. 57 tomorrow. 56 sunday. monday is 55. even with rain. and look we cool off a little tuesday backside of low pressure 53. wednesday we're almost 6
10:56 pm
still january by the way. 55 degrees on thursday. then we will cool off friday middle 40s looks like next weekend we're talking finally returning to temperatures that it should be in late january. and then we'll stay cold into beginning of february. i don't see anything super cold but colder like it should be. that's scientific explanation anyway back to you guys. >> we like it, thank you very much gary. >> not bad there. >> and all right we're going to take to you armed services ball. let's check in now our own lauren demarco is standing by we're waiting ritsd there a live picture waiting for president trump to come out and this is the 24eurd and final ball that the first family will visit tonight and do traditional first dance we'll have that whether we come back. >> stay with us your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings.
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>> the president. >> america will start winning again, winning like never before. >> the protests. >> the parade. >> and the party. we have complete coverage of inauguration day 2017 and what is ahead this weekend. >> your news starts right now. >> and we begin tonight with a look inside the armed services ball president trump and melania trump are are expected to arrive in a moment. we'll have more when they arrive. thanks for joining us tonight i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> president donald trump is wasting no time. tonight he signed executive order that specifically addresses affordable care act former president obama gn


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